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Jones, Bobby - DVD - How I Play Golf - Instructional Series

Showcased in the Wall Street Journal!

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The original Warner Bros. golf instructional series starring the greatest golfer of all time.

In this cherished series, Bobby explains his secrets of the game from tee to green. You'll see Bobby play coach to some of the top celebrities of all time including W.C. Fields, Edward G. Robinson, James Cagney, Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Loretta Young and many more! It's Bobby Jones at his matinee idol best--a must-have for golfers of all ages and abilities!

All 12 episodes of the original series of How I Play Golf are included on 2 DVD's. And, we include the next series of 6 films that Bobby hosted called How To Break 90 on a bonus DVD.

Over 3 hours of non-stop, classic instruction. All the material has been re-mastered for the first time on DVD. The sound and picture quality is digitally enhanced.

The Complete Golf Instructional Series Edition contains the 3 re-mastered DVD's and two inserts, a fascinating 8-page color booklet on the true history of Bobby Jones in Hollywood, as well as a booklet that provides insight into the contents of each chapter on the DVD's.

Three disc set includes:
Disc One "How I Play Golf"
1. The Putter
2. The Niblick (9 Iron)
3. The Mashie Niblick (7 Iron)
4. The Medium Irons
5. The Big Irons
6. Chip Shot

Disc Two "How I Play Golf"
7. The Spoon (3 Wood)
8. The Brassie (2 Wood)
9. The Driver
10. Trouble Shots
11. Practice Shots
12. A Round of Golf

Disc Three "How To Break 90"
1. The Grip
2. Position & Backswing
3. Hip Action
4. Downswing
5. Impact
6. Fine Points



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