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Otto Hackbarth Putter

This putter is from the Fred X Fry Collection and its original condition is well above average.  The head shows minimal dings. The two arms are solid, not cracked like they sometimes are.  The lead on the sole is a little rough in that it is ever so slightly raised above the level of the sole. The lead does appears to be original. There is no evidence of sanding or filing on the otherwise little used sole, which is marked "Otto Hacbarth / Pat 687,539."

The shaft bears Fry's two inventory labels.  Fred X. Fry was America's first major golf club collector

Otto Hackbarth began advertising his forked hosel putters in 1910, taking order by mail.  Chick Evens, the winner of the US Open and US Amateur in 1916, made it famous.  Evans used this club during a good portion of his career, and with great success.  Hackbarth wanted a center-shafted putter, but to help prevent the putter from twisting when putts were struck off center, he devised a forked hosel that would attach at both the heel and toe.

36" l
head 4" x 1" x 1"
Original grip

Item: M3599