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Henderson, Will - To The Society of Goffers at Blackheath

Blackheath, now known as Royal Blackheath Golf Club, was formally instituted in 1608 at the beginning of the reign of the Scottish King James VI who ascended the throne as James I of England and Ireland in 1603. His court was primarily Scottish and the nobles looked around London for a place to play their beloved game of golf. Few had heard of the sport outside of Scotland in the 17th century, it was considered very exotic. The topography at Blackheath provided the perfect conditions for golfing and the club was established there. It is the oldest golf club in England.

William Innes (1760-1803) was a captain of the Society of Golfers at Blackheath and is shown here on the course with his caddy. This print was originally issued in black and white in 1790 and later hand-colored. Several later printings exist.

After Lemuel Francis Abbott: To The Society of Goffers at Blackheath. A mezzotint printed in color, engraved by Will Henderson circa 1910s, stamped in the bottom left corner of the title area, signed in pencil by Will Henderson.

Framed Dimensions: 26" x 32.5"

Item: ASA227